How To Order Please download the License Agreement and Order Form from the Downloads page. Complete and email or fax the entire document to 706-632-6498. Your order will be processed as quickly as possible, ususally within a few minutes. You will then receive by email a KeyFile that will unlock the features/License you have purchased. A counter-signed copy of the License Agreement will follow by U.S. Mail. Until your order is processed you can continue to build your installer with the demo copy of Install Factory. The Archive files created with the demo can be used by the purchased copy once it has been unlocked with the KeyFile.


Where We Are

The Deltic Group, Inc.

dba BraddockStreet Software

75 Starlight Lane

Cherrylog, GA 30522

Sales: (800) 539.1780

Support: (706) 632.3763

Fax: (706) 632.6498



We are a consulting organization with the ability to provide you with Windows and Macintosh C/C++ development skills. We also work with many of the 4th generation tools like FileMaker and REALbasic.

Under the name of our parent organization, The Deltic Group, Inc., we have been writing software for over 15 years. Our client list includes some of the largest (and smallest) companies in the world. Whether it is for primary design and development or for long-term support and maintenance of an pre-existing software product we can put our experience to work for you. Projects can be bid on a flat rate or hourly basis depending upon your needs. Some projects are an hour or two in length while others are in the thousands of hours. Chances are, if you have a Mac or Windows programming challenge, we can handle it. Just give us a call to discuss your needs.

Of course, if you need help that goes beyond ‘technical support’ with the design and creation of your installers, we will be there for you. Just give us a call.


Email Us

For questions, comments and sales or technical support please email us at: